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INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this page is to provide a "home base" for data collection to figure out the roots of the name Mantooth and its associated heritage. My family tree can only be directly traced back a handful of generations. The rest has just been hear-say. I'm hoping someone else out there has investigated this in the past and can provide more information.

My personal thread of the family can be traced back in detail to Thomas J. Mantooth who was born in 1808 in Tennessee and later moved his family to Lufkin, TX (Angelina County). It can be further traced to Thomas Mantooth (1760) of North Carolina (grandfather of Thomas J) with dates and marriage lines only.

I've grown up hearing family stories of roots tracing back to South Dakota/Montana to a scottish and Manatu Sioux Indian mix. We've heard the name derived from the Scottish name Mantioth and then altered to match the Mantooth Mountain in South Dakota. I've never been able to find any signs of this on a modern map. This also disagrees with all of the Mantooth genealogists I've spoken with.

Since we can trace roots to a heavy settlement in Tennessee, most say this means we have a Cherokee and Scottish mixed heritage instead of Sioux. The Cherokee influence seems easily confirmed. Could one family member have strayed west to the Dakotas and mixed with the Sioux?

Can someone fill in the blanks? Any useful or useless trivia is greatly appreciated. I'll try to collect as much as I can on this site for future reference.

MY FAMILY TREE: The Mantooths came to Angelina County (Lufkin) in 1857 when Thomas J. Mantooth moved his family from Tennessee. He became Chief Justice and later a probate judge. Thomas was born on Sept. 30, 1808 in North Carolina. He was married to Mary Sisk and had the following children which all moved to Texas: Albert, Eveline, John and Calvin. His first wife, Mary, died in Tenn. In Texas he married again (Lydia Dillon) and had: Layayette, Edwin James, Lucinda, Blackburn, Florence, Hester Samantha, and Thomas Crittendon. Thomas, Lydia and Lucinda all died the same day (July 28, 1865) being accidentally poisoned by a doctor while being treated for small pox. Albert had four children Susan Jane, Albert Edwin, Joseph Henry, and Chester Arthur (my great grandfather). Check had five children Sue, Florence, Joseph Henry (my grandfather),Thelma, and Frances. Joseph Henry Mantooth married Percy Lee Mann and had one child, James Arthur. James married Suzanne Betsy Sherburne and had one child, Kevin Henry (me).

I am a 36 year old software manager, now living in Dallas, TX with a lovely wife, a noisy little boy, and two furry dogs.

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