Excerpts, 1838-1860

Excerpts from Minutes of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, 1838-1860 researched by Carolyn Sampson.

RBE=received by experience
RBL=received by letter

May 1838: Church met at William Vinson's - William Vinson, Sr., RBE

Sept 1842: Rosamon (Hartsell) Mantooth RBE

May 1842: Rebecca Burke - expelled for fornication

Feb 21, 1849: Polly Mantooth RBE

Feb 22, 1849: William and Mary Vinson RBE

July 1849: Mary Mantooth went to another church with letter of dismissial

Oct 17,1849: Evaline Mantooth

Oct 18, 1849: Lydia Vinson-RBE

Feb 3, 1850: William Humberd found guilty of fornication by his own acknowledgment

Feb 2, 1850: Amanda Mantooth RBE

April 1850: Elisabeth Burke RBE

Jan 1851: Amanda Mantooth granted letter of dismissial
Jane Gan guilty of keeping a house of ill repute and retailing liquor by her own acknowledgment. She said she had no religion and requested to be excluded.
(Jane's son Bluford, was living with John and Margaret Penland Mantooth in the 1850 census) (Gann family claims that Jane was the daughter of John. Bluford married an Adaline Mantooth according to his son George's death certificate)

Sept 1853: Eliza? Mantooth RBE and baptism

Jan 2, 1854: Sister Rufina Humberd confessed that she was guilty of fornication and prays forgiveness, upon which petition the church sends sisters Jane Netherton and Sarah McNabb to wait upon her to learn all about her feelings upon the subject and report the same at our next meeting.

Feb 2 1854: Report of the female committee in regard to sister Rufina Humberd report her anxious to live under the protection of the church and as she hopes that God has forgiven her for her sin, upon which the church released her from censure.

Dec 2, 1854; Bro William Vinson found guilty of adultery and for which report a select committee is nominated, Vis: M. Cameron, John Liliard, A. Clevenger, Caswell McNabb and John McNabb to investigate the case fully and report when convenient.

Jan 2, 1855: Patience Vinson received by letter. Case of Bro Wm. Vinson received the report of the select committee of last meeting to investigate the case of adultery against Bro. Vinson. After some discussion the case was referred to Feb. Meeting on Friday.

Feb 9, 1855; Bro Vinson brought before the church. After the matter was fully examined the charge failed to be sustained and he was acquitted by a large majority.
Info given by Austen Vinson, regarding a member drunk.
Caroline and Massy Vinson "of color" received by letter.
Mar 2 1855: Received resignation of Bro William Vinson as acting deacon for the church.

Nov 10, 1855: Eliha? Mantooth granted letter of dismission

Sept 2, 1856: Lydia Mantooth, granted letter of dismission (Is this Lydia Sisk Mantooth, wife of Thomas J. Mantooth who went to Texas in 1857?)
Emaline Vinson, granted letter of dismission
William Vinson, granted letter of dismission
Mary Vinson , granted letter of dismission

Feb 2 1857: Elija Mantooth RBL
Bro Aden Humberd found guilty of fighting one of his neighbors the circumstances are these, he being called too and attacked found it necessary to defend himself, though he used bad words which he confesses penitence for, the church forgives him.

Sept 2, 1857: Aden Humberd granted letter of dismssion
Wm. Humberd, granted letter of dismission
Mary Humberd granted letter of dismission.

Dec 2 1857: Bro Wm. Vinson, Sr, the only surviving trustee for the church buildings. (Also John McNabb and Allen Clevenger.

2 Jan 1858: Wm. Vinson, Jr. and wife Mary RBL
May 2, 1858: Church writes to Austin Vinson, John Weaver, and Rufering? Humberd on subject of moving out of bounds of church without letters of dismission.

June 11, 1859: Charity Burke, RBL
Aug 3 1859: Released William Vinson, Sr., from office of trustee and appointed Mark Lillard in his stead.

Minutes of East Tennessee Association of Baptists held at Concord Meeting House, Greene County, TN:

William Vinson delegate from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Aug 30, 1844; Aug 31, 1844 pledged $5 for next year; Delegate Sept 3, 1847 and Sept 2, 1848.
Sept. 19, 1851: A.A. Vinson, Union Church, Buncombe Co, NC
Anderson A. Vinson, Clerk of East Baptist Association


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