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TRIVIA, THEORIES, AND FACTS: The following items were submitted to me and may or may not be confirmed. Many of them are pretty interesting, however.
  • There was a reknown Sir John Monteith in Scotland in the 1300's (also spelled Mentieth). He was the governor of Dumbarton Castle and betrayed William Wallace (Brave Heart) and sent him to his barbaric execution in London in 1305. [Kevin Mantooth]
  • The name was correlated to the Lake of Menteith in Scotland. It is the only inland body of water in Scotland to use "Lake" in its name rather than "Loch". This dates back to a historic mixup with the Scottish word "laigh" (low lying ground), which applies to the whole area. An inaccessible island in Lake of Mentieth holds Inchtalla Castle, which was the home of the Earls of Mentieth during the 16th and 17th centuries. Another island, Inchmahom, contains a 13th century priory. Ichmahom was a temporary refuge for five year old Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1547. She stayed here before being sent off to France to grow up out of range of Henry VIII's "rough wooing." [Kevin Mantooth]
  • There is also a Port of Mentieth along Lake of Menteith. The River Teith is just to the east and the Mentieth Hills are presumably in the same vicinity. All of this is located near Aberfoyle just north of Glasgow, northeast of Stirling and east of Loch Lomond. (56.10N, 4.18W). [Kevin Mantooth]
  • The Mantooth family may have originated in North Carolina just west of Ashville. [James Mantooth]
  • The name Mantieth could mean "marsh" or "moor" [Wes Mantooth].
  • The word "monteith" refers to a large 17th or 18th century silver bowl, fluted and scalloped for suspending and cooling punch glasses. It a word from 1675-85 which is said to have originated from the 'fantastical Scot' Monteigh who wore a scalloped cloak in a similar manner. [Kevin Mantooth, various international dictionaries]
  • One theory is that there were five brothers who settled in Tennessee and things spread from there. [H. Alan Mantooth]
  • There is a Mantooth Cemetary in Newport, Tennessee (Cocke County). [H. Alan Mantooth]
  • Also a lot of Mantooths buried in a cemetary in Louisiana. [H. Alan Mantooth]
  • One story is that the name Montioth was altered to Mantooth to conform to a mountain's name in South Dakota or Montana. The Scottish roots were mixed with Manatu Sioux at this point. [Jim A. Mantooth]
  • One colorful family story is of two brothers Montieth who came from Scotland in the mid-1700's. One brother became involved with a Cherokee woman and was disowned by the other. In order to sever ties, the "disowned" brother changed his name to Mantooth. [Wes Mantooth]
  • Thomas Mantooth (b.c.1760-5) had the nickname "Cherokee Tom". He was the father of Thomas Mantooth Jr. (d. 1835/6).
  • Thomas Monteith came to King George County, Virginia from Scotland.
  • Henry Monteith (1733-1838) came to York Co (Adams), Pennsylvania from Scotland around 1750. Henry may have been the father of Cherokee Tom and 5 other children and was married to a woman named Rachel. [Doris Lewis, Betty C. Andrews, and AJ Vinson]
  • If Henry Monteith was not the father, he may have been the cousin of Cherokee Tom. [Brenda Schwall]

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